Do you have the Characteristics of Entrepreneurs ? Yet to know!

Statistics show that about 43% of children and teenagers in the United States believe they can start a business in the future,
while only 13% of them managed to set up a business.

The key question here is, are these 13% because of which personality traits become a successful entrepreneur ?!

We look forward to reviewing the four main characteristics of entrepreneurs.

To answer this question, researchers at Stanford and Tufts University
have carefully monitored the behavior of more than 5,000 students interested in entrepreneurship
over a 3-year period, and
then some of their findings Published in the Wall Street Journal.

According to their research, the four main indicators that help you become entrepreneur are:

#1 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: To Take Full Control of Yourself

Take Full Control of Yourself as a characteristics of entrepreneurs

Self-control depends on a variety of factors, which means that
in a particular or inappropriate situation,
you can manage the situation and
know what step to take next.

In this study, students who considered themselves to be creator of new ideas
were 1.5 times more successful than those who did not have this characteristics.

Also, students who were members of the Entrepreneurship Association,
who formed a group for themselves and
became more connected with others, were nearly two times closer to have a startup or business.

This characteristics of entrepreneurs is really important.


We all know that failure is a beginning to victory.
In fact, one of the key elements of self-control is sustainability against failures.

For example, if a student intends to attend an e-commerce competition in his high school,
he will not succeed until different strategies for electronic sales have been tested.

#2 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: People Around You will Support Your Business

Supportive people around as Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Nearly 45 percent of the top entrepreneurs had parents who
worked for themselves, but only about 29 percent of the students were in such a situation, and
the rest had family members, friends or coaches who had jobs for themselves and
made them To become a top entrepreneur,
they have been encouraged.

Researchers encountered in their studies with a person who claimed that
his father’s friend, without knowing the knowledge or skill,
set up a successful restaurant and
he was able to learn a lot from this family friend.

#3 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: Think Creatively

think creatively as a characteristics of entrepreneurs

More than 75 percent of top entrepreneurs have a high level of creative thinking.

Researchers say these novice thinkers find new ways to deal with problems, and
try to avoid trying and error using the new and advanced methods.

It is worth mentioning here that
innovation is the development and application of a new idea as a product, process or service.

It leads to growth of the national economy and employment growth.

#4 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: Interested in business

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs Interested in business

Generally, top entrepreneurs are always looking to develop their business and
they are always trying to learn more.

Enthusiasm to entrepreneurship is a common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs who become successful.

We can definitely say that
being interested in business and startups is closely related to having a superior economic thought.

Research has shown that enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have a superior financial mind
are twice as successful as others and
are always looking for opportunities to invest.