Relaxing the mind in the era of social network and enjoying the fun of losing!

One of the criteria for the success of an additional social network is the amount of time an average user consumes.
A very clever way that social networking app makers have done to capture and hold their users is to create endless timelines. So an average user who follows at least 150 people can scroll up the timeline for hours, and there’s still something to see.

On the other hand, the massive amount of information and content that exists on social network has caused us to always have some sort of unconscious concern not to be detracted from what’s happening.

For example, imagine a photo, post, or video trim that you’re unaware of it. If you hear your friends are pointing to it and you do not know have a clue on what’s going on, it’s an unpleasant feeling for you, and you will immediately approach social network to see what the trend is.

This type of anxiety is called Fear of Missing Out, and the FOMO hashtag (#FOMO) has been made for it. This concern comes from the way we always think others are talking about new things and enjoying different experiences that we do not know or did not take part in them.

 The internet is endless

Our brains are accustomed to ending tasks and we regret much for unfinished tasks or things that we did not  complete.

Also, when we are far away from our cell phones and do not see them next to us, we are faced with Nomophobia’s anxiety disorder. We feel depressed and lose our luck, and when we hear the slightest noise of annotation or even a sound like that, we reach our phone asap.
The need to drown in social network and see more and more of the various online content drastically increased especially when we are in poor conditions.

As a result, an endless loop is formed. As you try to get away from anxiety, the sense of losing and compromising in you will increase.

What’s the solution? Enjoy staying (JOMO)

Many of us can not leave our phones and separate ourselves from the virtual world. But we can review our relationship with the Internet and cyberspace, but we will also find ways and means of creating order and balance in life. Most of us create lists of things we need to do, and we constantly receive various notifications of various apps on our phones. But ask yourself: Which of the things we’ve written in the to-do list really needs to be done. Which notifications are needed to be seen immediately?

In the absence of the cellphones and tablets, you will gradually realize your presence in the real world. To realize that our life is more than just the Instagram posts and the telegram channels that take our days to be enjoyable. There is a better world away from the fear of being left out and losing sight of your way.

Joy of Missing Out (JOMO)

In fact, JOMO or Joy of Missing Out is a solution based on emotional intelligence as an antidote. JOMO means satisfying where you are in life and experiencing being in the moment a.k.a. “Joy of Remaining“. You do not need to compare your life with others. The images on the social network of happy and rich people, always on travel and fun, are the single frames of the film of their frustrating and uplifting lives.

JOMO means to stop judging and make those voices that tell you behind your mind “you should not do that” and “you must do that” silent and embrace the fear that you might be left behind or do what is considered false.

JOMO means living at a slower pace, enjoying human communication, getting the most out of your time, practicing to say “no” and giving a fun buzz of technology. Instead of looking for the greedy thing that the price of the dollar went up or down, what did it do and how it happened, we could better understand ourselves in the present -Live in the moment NOW-.

It is not easy to abruptly change the JOMO mode. The following solutions are suggested to help us change our direction:

1 Plan your time:

Schedule important tasks on a timed basis

Focus on completing them instead of worrying about what others are doing. Value your time!

2 Let yourself be at the moment

If you start a bad day or have something unpleasant happening to you during the day, take a break and relax. If it’s a good thing, be happy and celebrate it.

3 Set times apart from technology

Rest for yourself, unfollow those instagram accounts and telegram channels that nourish your nervousness or provoke FOMO’s on you. Set a time limit for social network for yourself on a day-to-day basis.

Silent your phone. Transfer social network apps from the phone’s home screen to a folder on another page that is not in front of your eyes. You will not lose anything if you stop checking randomly and persistently on social network. You do not have to keep your email all day on your computer. To check email, assign two half-hour intervals at different times of the day.

When you’re on a trip, put your phones aside, enjoy the journey instead of capturing everything you’ve seen and start live on Instagram.

4 Practice to keep distance from your cellphone

After reading this, pick up your cellphone and put it in another room. Let the time pass for a while. See what you feel. Are you worried? Do you feel your cellphone rings? or you received a message? These are the tricks that your brain plays against you. Try to resist it as much as you can. Examine this exercise and try increasing the distance and time in every successful practice you have.

5 Keep silence for a while

For a while before speaking, pause for a while and think about what you want to say. Enjoy silence. In traffic or commuting, drop your phone and look at people and around you. Notice the feelings that are occurring within you. The thoughts that come to your mind.

6 Do something new

Buy a pot and plant flowers. Read a new book. Try a new recipe. Make a diary and write it. Find a new friend. Fill up your time with a new hobby that is sure to fruit better in future and what a better option to read more on StartupEssence ?

Now it’s your turn!
How much time do you spend on social networks? Do you have FOMO? What are you doing to get rid of it?