Global health and fitness trends suggest that the future of health will be more focused on a healthy lifestyle than on the treatment process to prevent people from needing the treatment. Here fitness startup comes.

Exercise is one of the basic parts of a healthy lifestyle and we are witnessing more and more serious business activities in this field.

With the increasing attention of health seekers to sports, value-creating opportunities in this area are expanding and innovation in the provision of Fitness services has flourished.

In this article, we will get to know some of the Fitness Startups active in the field of sports and physical health.

Fitness Startup #1 Ofo


Ofo has reduced the use of single-passenger vehicles by sharing stationary bicycles in more than 250 different cities around the world.

The designed platform has the ability to download for free and install on mobile phones, which users can use to scan the QR code on the selected bike, receive a password and pay a fee, unlock the bike and after use and reach the destination , At any time and any place, park and lock it for the next user access (without the need for a specific location).

In addition to economic and environmental effects, the implementation of this program will also bring cultural added value.

#2 Aaptiv

Aaptiv fitness startup-min

Aaptiv fitness startup has designed an application of audio sports classes with the aim of fitness.

Using headphones, the person has a virtual instructor who explains the sports movements to him.

The user can receive the desired program by creating an account and selecting the sport, goal and location.

One of the features of this application is the use of experienced trainers and music suitable for the desired sport.

With the help of songwriters, the company also offers a motion-packed audio package for its sports programs.

#3 Every Move

Every move fitness startup

Every Move app is designed to find people close to you for a particular sport.

The user has to choose their sport and if someone near them is interested in doing the same sport, they will get to know each other and plan their sport activity.

This web-based program is for individuals and companies to pursue the ability, investment in lifestyle and fitness-focused lifestyle.

The EveryMove mobile app facilitates cross-platform communication so that users can network with other health enthusiasts and share their fitness information with each other during fitness sessions.

#4 MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal fitness startup

MyFitnessPal fitness startup has designed a platform that offers a sports program tailored to the diet and user-defined goals. The startup has designed a website in which diet and exercise are determined to determine the optimal calorie intake and nutrients for the user’s goals.

Users can scan different food barcodes or manually add them to a database of more than five million different foods.

This application counts the amount of calories in the food and coordinates the amount of calories received per day and a person’s health goals.

Working with more than 50 sports devices and integrating with other software, including Fitbit and Garmin wearable gadgets, allows users to enter their data.

This application has the ability to connect to smart UnderArmour . The purpose of this program is to motivate you to do weight loss exercises.

Fitness Startup #5 Goalinn

goallin fitness startup

Goalinn startup has designed a dashboard for managing sports clubs.

Financial management, sports hours and coaching planning are some of the activities that can be managed by this software.

This software also has the ability to provide specialized statistics.

The user can use the platform to subscribe to this platform by paying a membership fee depending on the sport.

#6 StubHub

StubHub fitness startup

StupHub has created a market for buying and selling tickets for entertainment events, especially in the field of sports, or in the words of the black market of tickets online.

The user can purchase it on the site or application of this company by searching for the team or event of their choice.

It is also possible to sell tickets for users who intend to do so.

One of the features of this site is its high geographical extent.

Events covered by this site include concert tickets, theaters, and live entertainment events. Ticket pricing on this site is free competition and there are no restrictions.

#7 Beeline Bikes

Beeline Bikes fitness startup

Beeline Bikes Startup has set up an online repair shop and store to repair bicycle damage.

In this store, which is available to the user through the website and application, the user can choose the time and place he wants to repair or equip the bicycle.

And to plan the presence of a person in his place using the company’s site online, the company provides all the necessary equipment on the website and performs repairs in the fastest time.

The purpose of launching this company is to help solve the problem of cyclists on the roads and to minimize transportation.

#8 Play Sight

Play sigh fitness startup

Play Sight startup uses a smart video platform that is recorded on a field equipped with cameras and sensors to correct sports movements.

One can view one’s sports movements by creating an account.

The method of recording these movements is in smart fields equipped by the company.

These sports fields use various cameras and sensors to accurately record movements.

This software has the ability to connect players and coaches in different disciplines, if you share these movements, many people can visit them and comment on them.

Fitness Startup #9 SPORTSY

SPORTSY fitness startup

SPORTSY fitness startup has designed a mobile-based training platform to learn, train and improve the key skills of novice athletes in a variety of sports by providing videos and detailed movements.

The user can watch an educational video by choosing the sport and skill he wants.

Among the features of this platform are competing with other members, uploading videos of their challenges and getting feedback from sports coaches and guidance from coaches.

Among the sports offered by this software are: football, baseball, basketball, cycling, skating, golf, hockey, fitness etc.