Before you create a brand for your startup or company, you must measure all aspects and
think about everything from your business logo to corporate color and
advertising slogans.

To have a memorable brand, you must have a powerful message and
follow all legal requirements.

However, this is just the beginning of your brand building process.

To create a strong brand, you should consider 8 tips:

Tip #1 How do people see you?

how people see you to create a brand

Paul Carrick Brunson, an American-born dating guru, entrepreneur and
author who joined the cast of Celebs Go Dating in 2018, says:

The interesting thing about your brand is that your brand is not what you are saying, but what others are judging about. The first step to start creating and growing your brand is to know what people think about you.

Paul says, you can understand the perspective of people in this way:

Google yourself,
create a focal group (from close friends),
apply for a life coach or business coach and
ask a 360 degree analysis of your environment (we do this for all our customers and it is very effective

Tip #2 Build your own online platform to create a brand

online platform to create a brand

Jeff Bolas, a blogger, author, and digital strategist, suggests you:

Build your own online platform, such as a blog or a website that you own, then
post your message in detail, and
Connect with your contacts on social networks.

He also says:

Use Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and even Pinterest and Instagram.
There are many options available for you.
See which social network is suitable for you.

Note: Do not wait for completion. Start from the beginning.

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind when creating your brand:

Be valid.

Have a unique message.

Get a list of emails.

Consider a memorable design.

Select a memorable slogan that represents your mission and goal.

Invest on your customers.

Additionally, do not overlook the power of Content Marketing, Guest Blogging (writing text on blogs or other people’s websites), and social networks.

Tip #3 Use your brand in whatever you do

brand in whatever you do to create a brand

To create a brand, Personal Branding should be a big part of everything you do.

It must be mixed with your life.

You should not only be wearing a branded cloth, but
it should also be visible in any interaction you have with your friends and colleagues.

Your brand should be what you say on your blog.

For example, my personal brand always helps entrepreneurs.
When I attend network events, I try to be the same person they read online, and
I show a good performance.
If you try to be someone other than yourself, it will be clear.

Tip #4 Be Stable to create a brand

Be Stable to create a brand

Think about the brand that as a customer, you are most loyal to.

They have your trust because of their reliability.

For example, Zappos is known for its customer great customer service.

Dropbox keeps his signature in the shape of a blue box, in all his messages.

These examples show how stability is important for brands.

As Hannah Fleishman from Hubspot has said:

All your marketing communications and affairs should tell your brand story.

Tip #5 Do not try to keep everyone happy

dont keep everyone happy to create a brand

Years ago, at a marketing conference, Jonathan Long said:

You’re not supposed to please everyone, so do not try to be everything for everyone.
Learn to create the best possible brand for a specific set of users.

This is still remarkable for me: the owner of a business really can not do anything.

If I try and satisfy everyone … that’s impossible at all!

In Marketing we say do STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning).
Segment your market, choose your target customer, create a brand and position your brand in their mind.

Do not be afraid and be yourself – even if it means saying things that others do not mention.

Do not forget, you are not in to business to keep everyone happy.

You are there to develop a business, not to make all people happy.

Tip #6 Create Value to build a brand

Create Value to create a brand

You have to create value by everything you do.

You do not need to be Apple to own a particular product.
Even cheaper products, such as IKEA, create great value for their customers.

When you think about the value you can add in your startup or business, ask yourself these questions:

  • What distinguishes your product, service and company from your competitors?
  • What value do you create, and how is this value different from the value your rival creates?
  • How do these benefits affect the feelings of your customers?
  • Is it beneficial for my customer as much as they pay?
  • Is my brand compatible with my own marketing approach?

Tip #7 Stay in touch with powerful brands

in touch with powerful brands to create a brand

Shama Hyder, founder and CEO of the women’s marketing company, believes that

your brand can be strengthened or weakened by connecting with other brands.
Find strong brands that can excel your personal brand and take advantage of their power.

You can start by focusing on three things:

  • Company,
  • University and
  • Colleagues.

For example, you can collaborate on materials for your blog or graduate newsletters or your company.

Tip #8 Be Careful about Branding, Treat with Delicacy

Treat with Delicacy to create a brand

Finally, the beginning of your work can be to expand awareness of the brand by using several ready-made solutions such as:

Setting up a referral strategy

Create a data file

Provide Freemium content

Partnership with local businesses

Cover your car with ads

Give promotional items to people

Conducting competitions at the mass media level

Hosting a podcast

Set up pay-per-click advertising and a re-marketing campaign