Many of us tend to listen to music while working specially in startups, and
we believe that we are focused, 
but others consider listening to music while working as a distraction.

Startup team members specifically developers listen to music a lot. should they?

But does listening to music music really affect you work performance and productivity?

Scientists Opinion

scientists about listening to music while working

The fact is that today’s scientists consider listening to music one of the best ways to make life more vibrant.

They conducted a test in which 75 of the 256 participating employees were asked to work and listen through their headphones for four weeks.

It was then found that the productivity of these people increased by 10% compared to others.

Another major research on whether
music is improving productivity is a study called “Mozart’s Impact,” which
showed students are better solving mathematical problems while
listening to classical music.

Interestingly, the research has shown that cows also produce more milk when they hear music.

But if we confirm that music raises the focus of the mind,
you need to know that you have to manage the time of listening and
the type of song you choose to give your brain the benefits.

Obviously, it’s possible to work without music.

What kind of music is right for you?

What kind of music is right for you while working

If your goal is to raise your mind’s focus,
slow rhythm music is a good option for you.

These music will help you focus on learning and remembering what you study.

Baroque music is a great example of these music.

Remember, before you start learning, you can improve your mood by listening to music.

If your activity includes conversations with different people, go to non-poetic music.

If you want to improve your performance by relaxing,
you should know that happy-rhythmic music reduces the level of stress hormones by up to 41%.

Listen to music while doing routines

doing repetitive tasks while listeting to music

Research has shown that those who listen to music while working and doing repetitive tasks
do their work faster and get fewer errors.

Listening to favorite music will release certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and
norepinephrine, which
will make you feel relaxed and satisfying, and
as a result your concentration will increase.

Do not listen to NEW musics while working

Do not listen to NEW musics while working

Listening to a new song for the first time comes with surprise and
freshness, and the body, in the face of this novelty,
secretes dopamine, which
makes you feel happy.

This can, in turn, make the music more attractive to you than what you are doing, and gets your focus 
thus reduces the quality of your work in the long run.

So try to create your list of songs from songs you’ve heard before.


Music can bring you a lot of differences in working days.

Music is the easiest way to achieve calmness and good mood.

A better mood as a result of music can also affect the quality of your interaction with your colleagues.

If you feel better, your behavior will usually be more respectful,
you will have more patience and more cooperation, all of which can lead to better teamwork.