Startup Essence in a nutshell

Hello World!

Today’s post is going to focus on the infrastructure and the planning of this web-blog.

startup essence provides famous startups in the world

As the name “Startup Essence” conveys it euphemistically, in this blog we will discover together the world of startups.
Our focus is on the NEWS, events, introductions of new startups and etc.


It is the world of Startups and the “etc.” can be altered to anything that might not come to our minds now!
Yet, in an unspecified amount of time an entrepreneur or a team of young -young in being energetic and agile! – experts will discover a new horizon in this challenging and magical world.


To hover around the guidelines of using this blog,
these categories and tags will be your guide through Startup Essence:

1- NEWS: This tag will drive you to the recent news about startups, new opportunities, changes in laws affecting/enhancing startups and many more.

2- Events and conferences: This tag will show you the most recent events and conferences yet to come and also covers achievements, trainings and key notes of those events.

3- Introductions: As the world of startups is so vibrant and dynamic, we will update you with the new startups which have a bright future and promoted the boundaries of startups.

4- Trainings and workshops: Learn, Learn, Learn! Practice, Practice, Practice! and even Fail, Fail, Fail! Startups are made to flourish our learnings and enable us to safely (hopefully) experience, learn and even accept the failure! So be ready to learn from failures of others here in this blog to be acquainted with a flying wing over those obstacles in your own startup.

5- Hirings and Career fairs: You are not born to take 100% risk of establishing a startup?! But you are here!! So, you might like to work in this atmosphere. With this tag, you can find links, locations etc. to career fairs open to public, email addresses dedicated to recruiters and many more. Stay tuned if you are also interested to join a startup which is already run.

6- Yet to come!