Good idea is not the only reason for the success of a startup,
it needs an expert startup team to grow.

For an entrepreneur whose business life is all his life,
it’s hard to add similar people to the team, but
we must note that the wrong choices of members of a team will result in high material and spiritual costs, which
is why having a good and coherent team is the biggest concern of every startup,

so that it can take on a common goal with the strength and motivation to do something specific.

Working in the startup as a team member is undoubtedly something more than
just monthly salaries, regular working hours, and more. 

In the following, we will look at the important principles that  can help an entrepreneur to shape his startup team.

#1 Have a common Vision

startup team building with a common vision

One of the biggest problems that leads to failure in team building is
the lack of a single vision and the lack of belief in the success of the idea.

When members of a team have different perspectives for their business,
this disagreement may divert the startup from its path.

Therefore, the team leader must select individuals who have common goals or are close together.

Note that after you have selected individuals,
set up the values ​​and outlook you want for your startup.
This will help maintain your team’s integrity.

#2 Number of Startup Team members

First try to keep the team small.

A startup has limited financial resources.
So, do not hire full-time forces other than the technical and programmer to develop the product.

Know that at the beginning, there is no need to hire a person for each role,
it is better everyone perform several roles.

For example, a person who designs a site may also be able to
generate content on social networks, or a person with fewer workloads does it.

#3 Teaming with friends and relatives

startup team building with friends and relatives

 If you are teaming up with your friends, know that
work and friendships are separate from each other.

So be serious about interactions and put off the jokes.

#4 Hiring Interns

hiring interns for startups

Due to limited resources, you can get help from students as an intern.

During this time, try to provide them with a growth path to absorb them after their graduation.


more than 23% of the startups are failing because their team members


#5 Consider Individual Differences

individual differences for startup team members

It’s better for members of a team to have different types of personality types.

Having different people with different points of view will make each other more complete and complementary.

They will also enable them to examine issues from different perspectives, and
they will have six hat of thinking, each with a different color.

Imagine, for example, that all team members are optimistic about their ideas, and they will not look at any prospect or failure factors.

Of course their optimism will be believed to be successful, but
with a Discernment person they will be able to balance the team Challenging and challenging each other.

#6 Salary

salary for team members

 Financial issues are one of the key issues of startups.

At first you need to find people for your startup team who have savings and they are willing to work for a low wage for a while.

You will be able to raise their salaries with the growth of the business.

Do not forget to be transparent with each other and
get along with things like stock percentages and payroll conditions.


To have the most coherent team and prevent it from falling apart, review your goals as often as possible and review the ways to reach them.

This will prevent deviations that may be costly to you.