Station F

Station F is a business incubator for startups, located in 13th arrondissement of Paris. Noted as the world’s biggest startup facility.

Situated in a former rail freight depot previously known as la Halle Freyssinet (thereof the “F” in Station F).
The 34,000 m2 facility was formally opened by President Emmanuel Macron in June 2017 and
provides office accommodation for up to 1,000 start-up and early stage businesses as well as for corporate partners such as Facebook, Microsoft and Naver.


Station F occupies a building designed by French engineer Eugène Freyssinet.
First opened in 1929 the former rail depot has been extensively remodeled by architects Wilmotte and
Associates to meet the needs of small start-up companies.

As well as 3,000 startup desks designed for collaboration and private meeting facilities,
the incubator also hosts a 370-seat auditorium and dining facilities open to the public.

Facebook’s own Startup Garage in the building will host up to 15 companies on a six monthly cycle and
represents the company’s first physical space dedicated to startups.
Station F is also equipped with 8 event spaces, 60+ meeting rooms and
100 shared apartments coming soon to live a entrentrepreneurial life happily ever after.

Startup Programs

Station F introduces 31 startup programs which in this article we are going to shed lights onto two most globally recognized and challenging programs.

Founders Program

Founders program is open to early-stage startups with big ambitions.
The straightforward way to get a full-time desk in Station F’s one-of-a-kind campus and join this unique community of hand-picked entrepreneurs.
This program is built for founders with access only to startups-recommended resources.

Fighters Program

The Fighters Program is a free access to the Founders Program, for killer entrepreneurs who just got behind at the start line.
Station F has planned this top notch program to help those who need it the most (people from underprivileged backgrounds, immigrants with difficulties to integrate, refugees, etc) to grow their startups and give them extra visibility to inspire future generations.

Touring Station F’s massive startup campus in Paris

Station F is directed by Roxanne Varza from Palo Alto, American from Iranian origin, lived in England.
Co-founder of StartHer and Previously at TechCrunch France and Microsoft Ventures.
Her favorite F-word is Fiesta and she expects only one thing: Snoop Dogg invest in STATION F.
Following video is a great touring with her explaining about what we come through in this article and
more about Station F, its facilities, its goals and how it can help the startup world to flourish.
Meet the Silicon Valley of France by Roxanne Varza in this video: