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Busy period, right? You probably browse various paths for your future career, and you thought: “People on EY and McKinsey aren’t the funniest people on Earth!”. You’re right. Definitely you should give a try at the startup world. And where a better place to kick start than StartupEssence ? 🙂

We felt this was the best time to share with you 9 unmissable books to dive into the startup ecosystem.
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— Classics & Inspiration
From Zero to One – Going from 1 to n is easy, you learn it at school. But radical innovation goes from 0 to 1. Learn how to get there.
The Hard Thing About Hard Things – Invaluable views of Valley guru Ben Horowitz. Don’t start your business before reading this carefully.
Steve Jobs – The well-known biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, unquestionably inspiring. A must-read for every business student.
Change by Design – You may have heard about Design Thinking. To succeed in innovation, design is key at every level of your business: precious insights of IDEO’s CEO Tim Brown right here!
The Innovator’s Dilemma – Why companies fail. More of a classic.
— “I’m on a big project”
The Lean Startup – Mandatory reading for entrepreneurs (and for anyone willing to innovate in an organisation).
The startup owner’s manual – The practical step-by-step guide to innovation and startup building.
Hooked – Required reading. You want to engage your users? Understand their behavior first.
The Alliance – Your success as an entrepreneur relies on people you’ll choose to work with. This book by the cofounder of Linkedin will help you find and retain the ones who will make you succeed in your startup adventure.
— Bonus: start your venture with €0

The $100 Startup – Including real-life examples.

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